Welcome To Animals’ Angels Blog

“We are There With the Animals”

When said aloud, this short sentence takes on a whole new meaning. Animals’ Angels was born from someone getting involved. Someone just like you. Someone who couldn’t pretend it would go away. Sonja Meadows, Executive Director of Animals’ Angels, Inc., decided to step out of her comfort zone and take a stand. I’ll interview her later so you can hear her ongoing story. You’ll learn how and why she set up this non-profit organization, what she experienced during these investigations and what sustains her faith she tirelessly exhibits everyday. She has joined with thousands of other like-minded objectors in bringing these matters to the forefront. I consider her a pioneer woman in a time when we are going places we never thought we could. Visiting Animals’ Angels Blog and the home site will provide you with an extraordinary amount of documented proof that it’s time for us to step up to the plate and take a swing at getting the message out to the people.

“Advisory Board Member”

Sonja Meadows makes another appeal on behalf of innocent horses facing demeaning mistreatment, abuse, heartbreak, and horrendous walk of death: 

“Ban Horse Slaughter”

Update: Saving America’s Horses on the trail to the Oscars!

We, Animals’ Angels, are asking our supporters to help bring the feature film “SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES” , into theaters. This documentary film is up for consideration at the 2013 ACADEMY AWARDS, with a bicoastal theatrical release this year!

Time is running out for Saving America’s Horses. Theaters are booking up but costs for finish processing and other expenses needed to be covered to bring the film to public release. Your support is vital to help get SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES into theaters THIS YEAR. Reaching the fund-raising goal in 30 days can be a game changer for this important film for the horses.

Click here to donate and support this important film.

Thank you so much!


5 thoughts on “Welcome To Animals’ Angels Blog

  1. I have added my support to the film. My family were enlightened and we all agreed it is excellent. I hope everyone will join with supporting this film and expanding awareness and education to bring slaughter of Equines to an end in America. Love the new Blog as well. KB

  2. Kate,

    Thank you you for visiting the debut of our new blog. We are pleased that you have shared your interest with your family. This film is so important and we at Animals’ Angels appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  3. Hi Kim, Thank you! Nice to meet you and so happy you stopped by. We are just getting this started and promise to have lots of new material soon. Share this site with your friends. You are warmly welcomed. 😀

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