We Had No Idea Plus Two Simple Words

“As children we are taught to love them” CC photo by Randy Wick 2008

“I had no idea …” seems to be the theme of first response I hear, whenever I share the brutal truth about our American Horses being in such perilous danger.

We grow up watching these beautiful creatures on the television and in the movies they are our friends and heroes. Our parents read aloud about them in our children’s books as we turned the pages with tiny hands and we’d trace with our fingertips images within those pages, of beautifully drawn horses, of plump mares and baby colts or fillies romping in the farm-yard. We’ve all seen them rolling on the grass at play, or run at full steam across a field ‘nickering’ their joy into the wind. These proud and magnificent beings are in such dire straits, and it’s for this reason Animals’ Angels, Inc. stays involved and ever watchful. Now, it’s our responsibility to get involved in the fight to Stop Shameful and Senseless Slaughtering of Our Horses!

I was taught that you could decide any question or debate using only two words. They are: either and or. You may think this is too simple. Two words are all that is needed in order for us to determine what is taking place each and every day right under our noses. Either slaughtering of tens of thousands of innocent horses is right or it’s wrong. Either we’re going to pretend it isn’t happening and look the other way or we’ll refuse to do this. Either we donate and help aid in saving them or we’ll refuse. Either we share this post with our family and friends, or we won’t.

It doesn’t cost much at all. Donating a few dollars, reposting of an article, spreading the word yourself via Twitter or Facebook …  when it come down to it, it really matters. Were we all to pull together during this crises then no one has to carry a burden. We can all carry the fight together, a shared token of faith, that our American horses will receive the admiration they have known in the past and the love and the care they deserve, but especially the freedom to roam the land as free Americans. Finally, free of the fear of becoming someone’s supper. Remember we always have something to give.

I had a horse once … long ago and now I will always ask what became of him. A sad thought to comfort me when I am ready to go to sleep. Please do something … make a gesture today and join with millions of us who want this nightmare to end. Please click the donate button and support Animals’ Angels Inc. It’s all about the horses. They are praying for us to help them. Thank you.


14 thoughts on “We Had No Idea Plus Two Simple Words

    • Craig, Thank you for taking the time to be a new reader of our new blog. I read the recent review of your book and it sounds compelling enough for me to read. I’ll be in touch about getting my copy soon. “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”, by Craig Downer.

      We might need the wild horses to keep down the risks of wild fires. Who knew?

    • Brandi,

      Once I got over the fifteen initial shocks of this topic and allowed the outrage I felt simmer down, I believe my heart overcame the adversity I feel in order to stand strong and bring the torment of our horses to the everyday public’s attention. I am willing to cope with the stressfulness so I can be useful, and together we’ll not only get the message out there, but we plan on keeping it front and center. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

      Thanks for your encouragement and support. I think the work YOU do is a shining example that a person only needs to care enough in order to make a difference.

      • Anne, I will be seeing Craig on the 21st of this month, he will be signing a copy of the book for me and I will take a picture while he is doing this for me. He and I will be going to dinner at some point then. Thank you

  1. Yes, this is one very stressful campaign to both stop the roundups of our few remaining wild horses and to end the slaughter of our horses. Sometimes I feel as if I am trying to dig a hole in the ocean. I go on because of a large poster in my office of a wild looking straight at me with the caption “Roaming Free”. I can’t turn away from those eyes, they spur me on. I bought the poster years before I joined the cause. I guess that stallion was just making contact waiting for me to hear his cries.

    • Morgan, what a good heart you have. It is strengthening to look into the eyes of these glorious beings to remember we are all in this struggle for the horses and also, for ourselves, for I would not want to ever think of plant Earth without the sounds of her horses running free. We need to continue this fight. 😀

  2. Today I joined your blog and sent some money via Paypal. Never enough, but will write Az. congressman, etc. This intolerable cruelty must be stopped. Thank you for what you do.

    • Delrene,

      Thank you for your generosity. When we bombard the government with letters, emails, phone calls, they begin to listen. Bill S.1176 is being buried in the Senate Committee on Commerce Science & Transportation by the Pro Slaughter Movement and we need to get the bill passed into law. Hands Off Our Horses! that is what I say. Hope to see you here again soon. 🙂

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