We’re Excited To Light The Sky!

Animals’ Angels and friends are preparing for our big Fundraising Event tomorrow. Light The Sky is our annual way to show the animals that have touched our lives that we will never forget them. All day long, these wonderful people have been assembling our supporter’s candles and placing their dedication cards on the wall. All are honored to be a part of this auspicious occasion to fulfill our hope of a better tomorrow and to pledge our dedication to these animals for whom we pray and Light The Sky.

You still have time to make your donation and get candles and your dedications on the wall. Whenever we come together our light shines even brighter and it is a touching memorial to those we love. We’ll be staying in touch and bringing you more photographs tomorrow. Coming together for this huge day is exciting because giving is always a good thing to do. Won’t you give a little to say a lot? Simply click here and three minutes later you, too, can feel really good about helping our animals and lending your voice to help end the cruelty they endure.

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7 thoughts on “We’re Excited To Light The Sky!

    • polopaula, Thank you for your donation and your promotion of this post. Animals’ Angels is to be commended for all of their efforts on behalf of the horses, mules, burros and farm animals. We appreciate they way you have promoted our cause and in joining with us to Light The Sky!

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  2. It’s good to know that somewhere in there are 3 candles-2 that honor Beau & El Nuki, OTTB’s that would have gone to slaughter had it not been for Audrey Reynolds and Saving Horses Inc pulling them off the CA feedlots. There is another for Hoss who has passed now at the age of 32. Hoss taught me alot about being honest and authentic. He also stood in for my practice horse for Reiki. I smile to know their pictures and candles are amongst those thousands. Good job Animal Angels. Can we collectively pray that a day comes when we no longer have to light the candles for those who have known only horror as their end.

    • Oh Morgan, Your love for these animals can be felt from here and I know the light you give to these horses is something that will multiply. I hope with all my heart that this nightmare will end and we can feel they are safe again.Thank you for your lovely words and know I will be thinking of your loved ones tonight when the candles are lit during the Light the Sky ceremony. Together we can do more. 😀

      Animals’ Angels are sincerely dedicated. They are gentle and loving people who will not rest until changes are made.

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