A Magical Night


“A magical night thanks to our lovely supporters and good people who absolutely love animals and honor them all”


5 thoughts on “A Magical Night

  1. From: Melody J Haislip
    The symbol is so beautiful. It’s sad to think that each of those candles stands for an innocent equine killed by evil, twisted people. They are not human, they are something less, lower even than the animals. The work Animals’ Angels does is vitally important. Everyone should know about what’s going on, because to change something, you have first to know that it’s happening. Good work and good luck.

    • Melody,

      Animals’ Angels work is vitally important because this subject is not on the evening news. They are the ones responsible for showing me and my husband the ugly truth. It is hard to comprehend but to know and then stand by hoping someone else would take care of this is why animals abuse and horse slaughter has escalated. Thanks to Animals’ Angels more and more people like you and me are donating, talking about and sharing their detailed reports. Now we know, it is our duty to tell more people and to ask them to join in the fight to end horse slaughter.

      The candles lit on Saturday night honored not only farm animals and pets and equine who were slaughtered, they represent the hope and honor for a brighter future. Thank you for visiting and lending your voice to our efforts. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for all your words for the stop the torture for the voiceless & defenseless. Stop the roundups of Wild Mustangs & Burros and the STOP the slaughter of all horses now & forever. R.I.P. for all the horses we will not forget you. I will not be silent. Much gratitude Animals Angels.

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading about the important work these Angels provide us. I feel deeply about these issues and am always reassured when I read words like yours, which reflects the outrage so many millions of us experience. We will never forget these intelligent, proud and beautiful animals! Blessings.

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