Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with a team of investigators working nationwide. Our mission is to improve conditions for farm animals. We work primarily in the field, inspecting livestock trucks on highways, visiting markets, collecting stations and slaughter plants.

Our documented reports and video footage are provided to news media as a public service. We present our investigation results to auction and slaughter plant management; to encourage positive change in the way farm animals are handled during transportation, at auction, and at slaughter. We share documentation of cruelty with law enforcement to ensure that violators of animal protection laws are being held responsible for their actions.

“We are there with the animals.” Throughout the United States, Animals’ Angels teams are there with the animals every week, conducting hands-on research and investigations. We objectively report what we observe; we document and expose animal cruelty. Whenever possible, our investigators provide food and water to the animals we encounter and ensure that suffering animals receive veterinary care.

Additionally, Animals’ Angels provides educational materials for auction employees to improve the conditions for farm animals at the auction and to ensure proper procedures in case of an emergency situation.


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