We’re Excited To Light The Sky!

Animals’ Angels and friends are preparing for our big Fundraising Event tomorrow. Light The Sky is our annual way to show the animals that have touched our lives that we will never forget them. All day long, these wonderful people have been assembling our supporter’s candles and placing their dedication cards on the wall. All are honored to be a part of this auspicious occasion to fulfill our hope of a better tomorrow and to pledge our dedication to these animals for whom we pray and Light The Sky.

You still have time to make your donation and get candles and your dedications on the wall. Whenever we come together our light shines even brighter and it is a touching memorial to those we love. We’ll be staying in touch and bringing you more photographs tomorrow. Coming together for this huge day is exciting because giving is always a good thing to do. Won’t you give a little to say a lot? Simply click here and three minutes later you, too, can feel really good about helping our animals and lending your voice to help end the cruelty they endure.

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Candles Of Love


“Light The Sky”


Things I remember  

Most about you

Are not the recent

Times I mourned

But of days

Spent together

Moments we shared  

Unconditional love


You touched and

Warmed my heart

Your liquid eyes

 Pools of trust

Irresistible connection

From that moment

Until even now 

Your blessings remain


I’ll add my

Candles of love 

To numerous candles lit 

By those who understand

The indelible marks

Compassionate animals

Leave upon us humans

A mighty wealth of love


December First

Words spoken after sunset

Our candles lighting the sky

A glowing tribute

To all animal life

For the lives of

Those we shared and

For those we could not save


“Light in memory of the animals”

Please join with me and thousands of others who have set aside December 1, 2012, as a day of memory for those animals who have touched our lives and of all of the animals spoken about in our publications and investigations. Watch the video, read the announcement and be a part of this incredible journey of these great animals. The candles are increasing in number and from the comfort of your homes you can be a vital part of helping end the torment and abuse of our animals. Thank you. Donate a candle today and write a your personal dedication.

(poem written by Anne St. Michael 11-13-12)