Light The Sky 2012

"Light The Sky For The Animals"

“Light The Sky For The Animals”

I can hear the earth beneath my boots crunching the gravel, rocks and soil with every footstep I take. I feel the brisk December wind blowing across the land, pushing me along as I carry tokens of love in my canvas bag. I can hear the slight clanking of glass as it bumps against my leg. I switch the bag to my left hand and continue to walk up the hill towards a big oak tree. My companions and I have been hard at work assembling the thousands of candles to be lit tomorrow night. Their footsteps blend in accord with my own as we climb the hill with determination and purpose. These candles will be lovingly placed along the route our poor horses, mules and burros travel on their way to a misery we can only imagine. It is with solemn┬áreverence that we place each donor’s candle and recall the words our supporters have written for their pets, rescued animals, family members, friends and for the farm animals and horses who could not be saved, but will be remembered during this event. These candles and these focused mementos of love is a serious matter … important in that every life has meaning and purpose and that all beings have souls.

In your mind … smell the tangy Texas air and walk alongside us as we place more candles beside the Highway of Tears. It will take hours to have everything prepared, for every card to be read and prayers said. The candles will be lit one by one sending our messages unto the night sky. We remember those animals that we have watched and followed and some we have touched. We remember the terrible days they spent, confused, frightened, neglected and abused. We remember how they were ultimately betrayed and some of them were even stolen away from their humans. We think about their heartfelt prayers that someone … anyone would save them from the dismal and horrible death they faced. We will remember them all because it would be a sin to ever forget them. Rest assured we will continue to investigate and work toward a resolution to end future suffering. We will continue to contact our representatives to enforce the laws on the books but more importantly, to outlaw the slaughter of our horses.

Animals must be respected as they are gifts to us and our earth. They should be treated tenderly and with love and compassion. These candles will burn brightly in the night sky, lighting up the way the trailers take them from our land into Mexico … and we will pray to end this cruelty. We promise to continue to get the government to pass The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. We will continue to press for the BLM and the DOI to stop rounding up our equine and to bring to light those people who intentionally overbreed horses. We will stand silent no more. We will Light The Sky with hope.

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