Crystal Clear Intentions

“Wall Of Hope … Light the Sky”

Light the Sky 2012 is just five-days away and you still have time to add your voice, dedication, prayer and donation to light your own candle. Imagine how brightly the night will shine for these animals we have loved and for those animals who are facing the impossibly cruel fate of an assured death. By coming together we stand stronger. The sharing of Animals’ Angels vital investigations, means that we citizens will not stay quiet about animal slaughter and animal abuse, nor will we turn away from understanding the escalation of these tortured animals and the deaths they face.

“Personalized Messages”

Our crystal clear intentions shine forth in the thousands of personalized messages from supporters who have taken the easy step to participate in Light The Sky 2012. We light candles in remembrance of our pets who have passed away and for those animals who travel the road to be slaughtered. We let the world know we want things to change and do what we can to end this unethical killing.

“Reflected Misery In Their Eyes”

Animals’ Angels conducts skilled investigations on behalf of our equine and farm animals. These dedicated messengers are paramount in uncovering and in bringing illegal practices to our attention. These reports remind us to stay vigilant, to never forget how these animals suffer each and every day. Did you know that every thirty-seconds another horse, mule or burro is killed? When I read the reports and see the horrid photographs I actually cringe. It feels as if death has squeezed my heart with long icy-cold fingers and then a dread comes over me because I feel as if I cannot do anything to stop this madness. I am but one person, one voice. But I am not alone. There are thousands of others who feel the same sadness and hopelessness and outrage and anger, too. Together we take a stand to keep the truth circulating, keep the horrors of what is being done out front and center. Together we tell the kill buyers that we will not go away.

“Animals’ Angels Light the Sky”

The purity with which these candles are lit shows our Crystal Clear Intentions. We remember the beauty and love we have received and shared with our furry creatures. We honor them and pray that the continued work of Animals’ Angels, combined with our donations supporting their work, will bring about the conviction of animal abusers and those who break the laws already set in place. We resolve to renew the pledge to bring about change for these animals and to keep contacting our representatives in order for better laws to be passed to end needless suffering of any animal. We remind the world that these beings have souls and integrity and possess a great capacity to love us humans.

Just below are a handful of dedications from people near and far who have already donated to have their candles lit on the eve of December First. Please read them and hopefully you will remember all of the animals who have touched your life. You may recall some you might have forgotten through the years. By honoring their memory with a donated candle, the love will grow bigger and the light will shine brighter. Add your dedication and show your love by making a donation to Animals’ Angels today. All donations received before 1:00 p.m. December 1, 2012, will be added to the wall. Just five days left to share this with your family and friends and contacts. Ask them to be a part of Light the Sky 2012 and to assure the future essential reports that only Animals’ Angels brings to us.

“Just Prior His Transport To Mexico September 2012”

Remember: A nation with knowledge makes the right decisions. Help the movement to end animal abuse and horse slaughter. Be a part of something good and bright!

Here are just a few of our 2012 supporters donation cards:

Charlyn, Port Angeles, WA

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): For my two horses: Rajah, a 23-year-old beautiful Arabian gelding who is also my best friend and Kip, a 12-year-old Arabian gelding who is a total character and my five cats who all came into my life through some miraculous ways. My heart breaks for these poor horses and other animals that are forsaken, abused and killed every year. Dear God, people NEED to DO something!!

This is his/her story I would like to share: Rajah entered my life 14 years ago. He had some scars on his legs and body but had healed nicely. I do not know his history prior to the people who owned him, that I bought him from, but he was that way when they bought him. If he was a victim of abuse, they never killed his spirit, his gentleness or his love of life! He is one of the BEST horses I’ve ever had. He has never placed a wrong foot on the trails and, thank God, he has me as his friend … someone who will love him forever.

Marilyn, Pagosa Springs, CO

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): These 3 candles are for 29 wild mares who were captured in Oregon and sold to slaughter by the BLM through Tom Davies, a Colorado kill buyer. They had no names, but were admired by the local people who came to see them. Then overnight they were gone and BLM gave no explanation!

This is his/her story I would like to share: This is for the 29 mostly pregnant mares that Oregon BLM had Tom Davis come and ship to slaughter. If I had known this would happen I would have done everything in my power to save them but we were never given a choice and so I could do nothing because this was illegal and done in the night. I think of these beautiful wild mares and the foals they did not give birth to because they were slaughtered. Thank you Animals’ Angels for all you do!!

“A light for the life of a beautiful animal”

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That is the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

Lisa, Huntsville, AL

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): Dedicated to all the wild mustang stolen from their legal domain, ripped from their families, betrayed, abused, and murdered in spite of laws that are supposed to protect & preserve them.

This is his/her story I would like to share: Congress mandated the Bureau of Land Management to protect & preserve America’s Wild Horses & Burros but this agency violates that mandate and is committing genocide upon our treasured icons. Pray that Congress will pass HR2966 & S1176 banning transport to slaughter, giving equine the protection they deserve and ending this trail of betrayal and murder of God’s most exquisite gift.

Georgia, Huntington, NY

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): Trudy Golden Tyler Golden Ryder.

This is his/her story I would like to share: I found my little dog, Trudy, in the North Shore Animal League. She was a puppy mill rescue from Missouri, where she was rescued from a neglectful and inhumane life. Trudy had given birth at least one litter. It was clear that she had never lived inside with humans. I taught her to climb stairs, go through doorways and be around humans. She startled at every movement. Now through caring and calm training she is a happy, affectionate little companion. Puppy mills are inhumane and should be outlawed.

Lisa, Seattle, WA

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): The nameless who once had names.

This is his/her story I would like to share: My candles are for the 118 horses that were bought by kill buyers from the Eugene, OR livestock auction in the past four months. These were healthy, trained, affectionate horses who were kid’s horses, ranch horses, lesson horses, who were all so confused and scared as they loaded onto the trucks … wondering where their families had gone.

“Dedications In Memory Of Our Animals”

Mariza, Overland Park, KS

Yes, I would like to light candle for the following animal(s): Versailles.

This is his/her story I would like to share: We bought Versailles, an OTTB, when he was 5. He was skinny, neglected, & covered in rain rot but kind & loving. 2 years ago (age 7) he became lame & went to the vet for an ultrasound guided Stifle injection. Something went wrong & he couldn’t wake up from anesthesia. We had to put him down but held him in our arms. Autopsy did not reveal cause of death. He was such a wonderful friend. We miss him so much! We pray for him everyday & know we will see him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Robin, Bay Minette, AL

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): Windy – Half Arabian Mare (Faleh granddaughter).

This is his/her story I would like to share: Stolen from a Houston, TX boarding stable during the Texas slaughter years and never recovered! Thought to have been taken to the infamous auction house at that time in Spring, TX (Bud Woods). She was under the care of Texas A & M at the time she was stolen and with her medical problems probably sold as horse meat going for 0.80/lb. in 1979.

“Light The Sky”

Holly, Catasauqua, PA

Yes, I would like to light a candle for the following animal(s): Ferdinand, the Kentucky derby winner who was ultimately slaughtered after stud duties were ended, like Exceller, the racehorse that was also slaughtered.  And to all those beautiful creatures entrusted to us – I love you.

This is his/her story I would like to share: It is for all the racehorses I burn my candle and would like to acknowledge the thoroughbred racehorse particularly. These racehorses learn and perform their craft, some to perfection. And in doing so, line the pockets of their owners with wealth. They do this without promise of a sweet pasture in which to retire. Some end up slaughtered despite how victorious. My candle burns for all these regal creatures. The horse must be God’s personal animal. Burn little candle, and illuminate the heavens …

Get your candle now and Light the Sky for the animals!

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